Legacy Collection

The exhibits at our Diabetes Management and Education Centre (DMEC) are based on paintings, prints, artefacts, manuscripts and memorabilia created by, or relating to, Sir Frederick Banting.

The displays are assembled in various ‘storylines’ professionally designed to inform and inspire. The storylines have been prepared, in part, to support the “Expected Outcomes” of the Ontario school system curriculum for health, history, science, culture and heritage. The majority of the exhibits are displayed in the historic Banting Farmhouse, built in 1925 by Thompson Banting, restored in 2011-2012 by SFBLF, and include:

  • What is diabetes? along with a world map of the diabetes pandemic
  • The insulin discovery story
  • Early diabetes patients
  • Insulin mass production to the early 80s
  • Insulin discovery team, the Nobel Prize and other Canadian winners
  • Banting the war hero
  • Banting the artist
  • Banting homestead evolution
  • Banting family history
  • Period furniture

Most of the items in the collection are irreplaceable and hence, SFBLF has chosen to exhibit by using digital reproductions primarily along with some original pieces. Banting’s art work is represented by selected prints, 2 original oil paintings and several digital copies from his many sketch books; most of which are held in safekeeping at the Simcoe County Archives.

Early insulin delivery devices along with a few wood carvings done by Banting and various related artefacts and historic photos can be found in the display cases.

SFBLF has negotiated long-term access/loan agreements with many organizations and individuals. A small number of items are owned by SFBLF.

The historic Octagonal Drive Shed includes a photo exhibit of the 2010 restoration process for that building as well as a large diorama; an authentic scale model of the Banting homestead as it was circa 1891 at the time of Sir Frederick Banting’s birth.

The Legacy walking trail also includes information displays and exterior exercise equipment.