Workplace Wellness Programs

Many companies and organization have well established workplace wellness programs for their employees and their families. In addition to an employee benefit plan, programs might include a special focus on safety training and perhaps, participation in other programs that place an emphasis on aspects such as mental health in the workplace.

Such programs address two fundamental objectives, helping your employees to live a quality life with increased productivity and helping your organization to reduce or avoid cost demands on your health benefit plans and general operations.

Do you have a Diabetes Awareness and Prevention program?

If you do not have a focus on diabetes in your current workplace wellness program, it is in your organization’s interest to consider developing and implementing such a plan.

Diabetes impact on productivity and health benefit plan costs

  • Diabetes costs for a family living with diabetes can reach $12,000 per year and more and bring on increased stress and depression as a result
  • Increased disability claims due to diabetes complications such as heart disease and depression
  • Increased drug costs due to diabetes medication
  • Higher rates of absenteeism resulting from the realities of living with diabetes

How SFBLF can help you Fight Diabetes

  1. We offer free programs and access to e-Learning courses and short tutorials for families and youth designed to raise awareness and encourage early detection.
  2. For a very modest fee, we can help you ‘measure’ the access by your employees and their families to our online programs and tools. Our approach is non-intrusive and the level of detail is determined by you.
  1. We can prepare ‘custom’, informative handouts for your employees and their families
  2. Collaborate with your internal wellness program teams to identify awareness raising approaches

If you have an interest in measurement help or development of custom handouts or collaboration, please contact us at or Tel: 705-435-0111