Interactive Webinars for Schools – Grades 6 – 12

SFBLF is providing a series of pre-scheduled, interactive webinars for schools. The webinars are delivered by the SFBLF Program Director via Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams.

  • At time of scheduling, teachers will need to identify the platform required.
  • Each webinar is one hour in length including a multi-media tutorial, interactive questions for students and ends with a segment for students to ask their questions.
  • Delivery is adjusted to be age-appropriate. Webinar length can be adjusted to match the available teaching time block.
  • Teachers can schedule a webinar Monday to Friday between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm

Interactive Webinar Themes

Teachers can select a Webinar from among 4 ‘themes’:

1. Understanding Diabetes

  • Diabetes basics including risk factors, risk reduction, symptoms, T1, T2 differences and complications
  • Insulin and your body
  • Prevention Basics
2. Living with Diabetes & the Impact

  • What it is like to live with diabetes
  • Self-management challenges and support
  • Coping at school and preparing for transition to adult healthcare
3. Discovery of Insulin and the lasting impact

  • The discovery process and team, early patients, achieving mass production
  • The lasting impact of the discovery on Canadian medical research and worldwide advocacy
  • Insulin, serendipity and the Nobel Prize
4. About Banting

  • Banting’s early years
  • Banting the scientist, inventor, soldier and artist
  • How the world remembers


Post-Webinar, Team-based Competition for Students

The program offers a post-webinar, team-based competition requiring students to complete an online Quiz based on each Webinar topic. Members of the team having the highest average mark will receive a modest prize. Classes wishing to participate in the post-Webinar competition need to assemble their Teams before the Webinar. Each Team must include at least 4 and not more than 6 students. 

  • Each Team will need to create a unique Team identification, i.e., school/grade/moniker, e.g., ‘BMHS10hotshots’, to be used by each Team member when accessing the Quiz.
  • The online Quiz for each Webinar can be accessed at any time from desktop and mobile devices.
  • Team members must complete the Quiz within one week following the Webinar.
  • The class teacher will be provided with the correct answers and Team results at the end.
  • Prizes for winning Team members will be mailed to the school c/o the teacher.

To schedule a webinar for your class, contact

Interactive Webinars for Groups

SFBLF also offers selected interactive Webinars for service clubs, churches, and other groups with common interests.

Topics that have proven of interest to many groups include:

  • About SFBLF programs and activities
  • The history and evolution of the Banting homestead
  • Understanding diabetes
  • Living with diabetes and the impact
  • Discovery of insulin and the lasting impact
  • About Banting

Selected combinations of the above topics can also be accommodated.

Group webinars need to be pre-scheduled. Early evening sessions are available.

Group webinars are interactive and delivered by the SFBLF Program Director using Zoom.

To schedule a webinar for your Group, contact