We recognize the need to accelerate cooperative action to prevent youth-onset diabetes and its complications. As a partner in the SFBLF Rural Diabetes Coalition, we are committed to respond to the diabetes challenge and will collaborate with SFBLF and Coalition Partners to:

  • Help raise awareness of youth-onset diabetes risks and the actions that can be taken by youth and their families to reduce those risks
  • Document existing diabetes-related initiatives to demonstrate the collective capability of the region
  • Review our existing programs to seek opportunity to include a described connection between our programs and their contribution to preventing youth-onset diabetes
  • Share our experience with fellow partners to help broaden the reach of our programs that have a youth- onset diabetes prevention component
  • Take specific action within our organization as applicable and as identified by the Coalition members


SFBLF Support

  • Administrative coordination for the Coalition
  • Leadership in assembling and displaying the regional Collective Capability inventory
  • SFBLF diabetes risk self-assessment tools, infographics, eLearning courses and other educational resources
  • Content elements suitable for use on Partner web sites
  • A web page with a list of all Rural Diabetes Coalition member organizations
  • General promotion of the Rural Diabetes Coalition regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Preparation and distribution of a Rural Diabetes Coalition Newsletter for Partners and the community