Course Overview

This Course is a free program provided by SFBLF and is intended for youth and their family members. Current versions are offered in English only.

The purpose of the course is to raise awareness about, and understanding of, diabetes and related risks, to foster prevention and to help youth living with diabetes to anticipate and prepare for the transition from paediatric to adult health care.

It consists of 3 short, narrated, graphics-supported Modules that together explain diabetes, the risks it presents for the collective well-being of the family and describes practical preventative steps that can be taken to reduce those risks.

For those living with diabetes, the course explains how to help reduce the risks of diabetes-related complications and how to help prepare a youthful family member to make a successful transition from the paediatric to adult healthcare system. Continuity of care is essential but there are practical ‘dis-connects’ in many healthcare systems and it is very important that families work together to ensure the answers to critical questions are obtained well in advance of transition.

Each Module is approximately 18 minutes in length and can be viewed at your own pace and can be interrupted at any point. You can return to any Module later at your convenience. It is recommended that the course be taken in sequence from Module 1 to Module 3.

Each ‘screen’ in each Module has the narrated text available as a ‘sidebar’ that can be accessed by selecting the narration tab. Each ‘screen’ can be controlled just like an audio player, that is, one can pause, go back or forward to any point in the narration.

Each Module has a set of references that can be downloaded to use for subsequent independent study and each ends with a request for your feedback regarding the educational experience.

We hope that all participants will help us by completing the very brief survey at the end of each Module or send us your comments via email to the address also provided at the end.

To Get Started

You can click on any of the links below for each Module. It would help us demonstrate usage of this program, if you first completed at least the few ‘required’ fields in the following form.

This is not a requirement for access but the data would help us build a case for future development.

Module 1: Diabetes Basics

Diabetes is now a worldwide pandemic that is growing. Much of that growth is occurring in children and youth. Families need to understand diabetes and the risk it presents.

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Module 2: Diabetes and Prevention

70% of Type 2 Diabetes cases can be prevented or delayed. Early detection is essential.
For people living with diabetes, potential complications can also be avoided or delayed.
Learn how family members can work together to reduce the risks.

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Module 3: Preparing for Transition

All youth living with diabetes of any type must eventually move from the paediatric to adult healthcare system. Early preparation is essential. Ask the right questions.

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