These 4 medical scientists discovered ‘Insulin’.

Their work, along with steadily improved approaches to diagnosis and care, has saved 100s of millions of lives and continues to do so.

Sir Frederick Grant Banting, MD
KBE, MC, FRS, FRSC, Nobel Laureate
Born November 14, 1891, Alliston, Ontario
1916 – Completed his M.B. at U of T
1919 – Awarded the Military Cross for his heroism in WW1
Field – Medicine

Charles Herbert Best, MD
Born February 27, 1899, West Pembroke, Maine
(while Canadian parents working in U.S.)
1915 – Started his BA at University College, U of T
Completed his degree in physiology and biochemistry after WW1
Field – Biochemistry

James Bertram Collip, Ph.D.
CBE, FRSC, FRS, D.Sc. (Harvard), D.Sc. (Oxford)
Born November 20, 1892 Belleville, Ontario
1907 – At age 15, enrolled at Trinity College, U of T
1916 – Completed his Ph.D. in physiology and biochemistry
Field – Biochemistry

John James Rickard Macleod, Ph.D.
FRS, FRSC, D.PH (Cambridge), Nobel Laureate
Born September 6, 1876, Cluny, Scotland
1898 – Ph.D. in Medicine, University of Aberdeen
1899 – Biochemistry, University of Leipzig, Germany
Field – Biochemistry and physiology