Major Sir Frederick Grant Banting
M.C., K.B.E., MD, LL.D.

Lest We Forget

World War I


  • Enrolled in Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
  • Military training camp Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, in the summer


  • December 9 – Awarded M B degree, University of Toronto: Accelerated class due to War
  • December 10 – Reported for military duty


  • March 26 – Lieutenant Banting sails to Britain
  • May 6 – Served at Grenvillle Canadian Special Hospital (Orthopedic)


  • June – Captain F. G. Banting went to France No. 3 Canadian General Hospital
  • August 16 – Moved to 44th Battalion, 4th Canadian Division in Arras
  • August 27 – While treating casualties Fred was wounded at the battle of Cambrai
  • September – Took over treatment of his own forearm wound to avoid its amputation
  • December 4 – Released


  • February – Awarded the Military Cross for heroism under fire
  • Returned to Canada; posted to the Christie Street Military Hospital in Toronto for 6 months

World War II


  • August – Captain Banting re-enlists, joining the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, No. 15 General Hospital as a pathologist and promoted to Major


  • May – First aerobatic test of the Franks Flying Suit (championed by Banting)


  • February 21 – Major Fred Banting dies in service of his beloved Canada near Musgrave Harbour Newfoundland “on a mission of high national and scientific importance”