Why Support SFBLF?

We depend on donations to pursue our goal of fighting diabetes and preserving a legacy.

The IDF 2017 World Diabetes Atlas reported there are over 425 million people living with diabetes in the world and an increasing number of those are adolescents and children. That number is growing at an estimated rate of 5 million new adult cases per year. Another 382 million adults are living with prediabetes. It is estimated that from 25% to 75% of those will develop Type 2 diabetes within the next 10 years.

Type 2 diabetes is appearing at ever-younger ages. Over 70% of Type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented, or at least the onset delayed, through healthy eating, modest daily exercise, maintaining an appropriate body weight and not smoking.

Type 2 diabetes is insidious and progressive and can remain invisible for years. At time of diagnosis, cell damage can be in progress thus hastening the onset of diabetes-related complications that reduce the quality of life and can lead to early death.

Raising awareness among children, youth and their families and helping them to reduce their risks is an important part of what we do.

We need your help to continue to deliver our programs, develop new educational resources and continue to enhance and maintain the historic birthplace of Sir Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin and Canada’s first Nobel Laureate.

Ways to Give

  1. Mail a cheque to: 
    Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation
    PO Box 137, Alliston, ON, L9R 1T9
  1. Donate online
    Click on the following link and donate through CanadaHelps, a group that facilitates online donations for registered Canadian charities.Your Gift to SFBLF via CanadaHelps will result in a charitable tax receipt issued directly to you by CanadaHelps. The funds less a modest fee, will be transferred by CanadaHelps directly to our bank account electronically, usually within 10 business days.

  1. Gifts of publicly traded securities
    For information on the process, please contact iinfo@bantinglegacy.ca. Gifts of publicly traded securities increase your leverage. The capital gains tax will be waived.
  1. Share in the Banting Legacy
    SFBLF provides two practical options for you to share in the Legacy of Sir Frederick Banting by placing a memorial paver at his birthplace and/or owning a unique piece of memorabilia.

    • Become a part of Canadian history by placing a paver at Banting’s birthplace.
      Our engraved paver patio offers an opportunity for individuals, families, businesses and organizations to honour a memory, mark a special occasion, and showcase a logo. In the process, show support for our programs and become part of an historic Canadian venue. Place your Family Name for posterity or create a permanent reminder of a loved one, special friend or each grandchild. Commemorate a birth, wedding, or anniversary. Place a paver in the name of an Association, Club, Team, or Group. Place your company name and logo as a proud supporter. Engraved pavers are available in 3 sizes: 4” x 8”, 8” x 8” and 12” x 12”. The latter can be used to engrave a corporate or organization logo. Receive a charitable tax receipt for the full price of a paver.

      Download the order form


  • Own a piece of history

This framed 13″ x 16″ item of memorabilia includes a photograph of Sir Frederick Banting, an inscribed facsimile of his signature, a photograph of the historic Hen House (with historic Banting farmhouse in background) and a slice of cedar shake taken from the siding of the Hen House once located on the Banting Homestead Heritage Park. The original Hen House, built in 1891 by Sir Frederick’s father, William, was destroyed in a fire on August 31, 1916. The replacement Hen House, being beyond repair, was demolished in 2010. The Tribute is one of a limited edition series of 300. There is also a series of 250 open recognition pieces.

Receive a charitable tax receipt for the purchase price less the ‘donor advantage’ For more information and to order your limited edition Tribute memorabilia, contact the Foundation info@bantinglegacy.ca

Other Options

The Foundation welcomes gifts in the form of Workplace Matching Gift programs, Planned Giving through estates, donations through use of Insurance Policies, Endowed Gifts, and Monthly Donation programs. Receipts for tax purposes will be issued promptly. For more information and details about these options, please contact the Foundation at info@bantinglegacy.

Helping us to be flexible

Donors can provide the Foundation with the greatest flexibility to be responsive to existing and new priorities by making donations that are unrestricted or only broadly targeted. However, if you would like to direct your donation to a specific area or program, your contribution will be used to support the area or program of your choice.

Special Recognition Gifts

A gift can be made in the name of someone special, in memory of a deceased friend or loved one and their family or to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any other special occasion. The Foundation will issue a notice to involved parties advising of such a gift if that is the wish of the donor. Those named ‘In Memory’ are added to our plaque and listed in a subsequent Newsletter.

Ensuring effective use of your donation

The Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation is grateful for gifts of any amount in support of the Foundation’s objectives. The Foundation Board of Directors disperses donated funds in a timely manner consistent with program priorities, the specific wishes of donors, the Foundation’s available resources and the obligation of the Foundation to prudently manage the collective portfolio of funds available.

Whatever the option you choose, we are grateful for all donations and all the forms of support we receive.