Programs – Priorities

SFBLF Diabetes Program priorities are disease prevention and disease self-management through education, clinical innovation and provision of sustaining support with an emphasis on youth.

A key aspect is a focus on the ‘transition’ challenges faced by youth living with diabetes as they move from the paediatric to adult healthcare system.

SFBLF ‘Legacy’ Programs honour Banting’s life and talents (e.g., artist, carver, war hero, medical scientist) through public access to informative exhibits assembled from the Banting Legacy Collection and augmented with loans and gifts from organizations, families and partners. All of our programs contribute to preserving the Banting legacy.

Programs – Delivery

SFBLF programs and education are delivered through:

  • Instructor led tours at our Diabetes Management & Education Centre at the birthplace of Frederick Banting
  • Online e-learning courses and support tools
  • Special symposia and recognition events
  • Collaboration with partners, teachers, healthcare providers, employers, colleges and universities

Programs – Audiences

  • Youth who are ‘diabetes-free’
  • Youth living with diabetes
  • Adult ‘enablers’ (parents, teachers, healthcare providers and employers)
  • All who wish to understand the discovery of insulin, the discovery team and the history and heritage of Sir Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, war hero, artist, carver and Canada’s first Nobel Laureate.

SFBLF tutorials are adapted to be age-appropriate and with our site exhibits, compliment expected outcomes of the Ontario school system for heritage, history, culture, health, science.