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Diabetes Management & Education Centre, Banting Homestead Heritage Park
Aerial photo courtesy Brendan Downey

Diabetes Management & Education Centre, Banting Homestead Heritage Park
Aerial photo courtesy Brendan Downey

The Banting Homestead is the birthplace of Sir Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin and Canada’s first Nobel Laureate. Fred Banting was born on this property on November 14, 1891. His birthday is now celebrated globally as World Diabetes Day.

About the Banting Homestead

This venue was established during 2009 to 2014 by first rescuing and restoring historic buildings to create a unique Canadian context, not only for program delivery but as an informative site for all Canadians and visitors worldwide. Program development and delivery and the addition of interior and outdoor exhibits followed and continue to evolve.

The six acres shown above contain the elements of the Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation, Diabetes Management and Education Centre (DMEC) all within the Legacy Walking Trail. The three main buildings house over 25 major educational exhibits; including the farmstead diorama, display cases with artefacts and memorabilia, insulin discovery room; art room and war room; family and homestead history room; diabetes and insulin impact room; and the SFBLF programs room.

Banting Family Farmhouse

The historic Banting Homestead was built by Thompson Banting in 1925 using materials from the original and much larger Farmhouse (circa early 1920s). It was rescued and restored by SFBLF, September 2011 to October 2012. Today it serves as a major exhibit space with over 20 educational exhibits in 6 rooms on 2 floors.

Octagonal Drive Shed

Built in 1918 by Thompson Banting and restored in 2010 by Alliston Lions, Rotary and SFBLF.
The Drive Shed is the main classroom and can seat 60 students.

Heritage Reception Building

Built in 2012-13 by SFBLF, this building provides barrier-free washrooms and access to the Farmhouse. It also provides exhibit space and serves as a small classroom for up to 25 students.

Welcome Exhibit

The Welcome Exhibit is in the picnic area of the Legacy Walking Trail. There are 5 outdoor exhibits on the Trail plus an exercise area and percussion musical instruments.

Memorial Paver Patio

This engraved paver patio was added in 2015 and includes engraved pavers of 3 sizes available for purchase to recognize family members or show support for SFBLF and the Banting Homestead Heritage Park.

Additional property features include roadside monuments and cairn; a 700-metre Legacy Walking Trail with 5 information exhibits; an exercise area; picnic area and percussion musical instruments.

Main Barn and Pig Barn have been preserved but are not open to the public.

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Once you exit the Virtual Tour, return to this page to select the quiz that best suits your interest level. When completed, each Quiz will provide you with a score, along with the correct response for any incorrect answers. The answers to the questions can be found throughout the 3D Tour either by viewing a ‘close-up’ of an exhibit or by using the ‘tags’ provided on each floorplan to obtain additional information about the exhibit.

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