School Tours

School tours of the Diabetes Management & Education Centre (DMEC) at the Banting Homestead Heritage Park, Alliston, Ontario

Elementary and High School groups can travel back in time at the birthplace of Sir Frederick Grant Banting, co-discoverer of insulin. Students will learn about Banting’s life and work and how his legacy continues today; the insulin discovery story – Canada’s gift to the world; how to reduce personal risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes; and see related exhibits from our Banting Legacy Collection.

We can accommodate up to 30 students in our classroom and larger groups in the historic Octagonal Drive Shed (weather permitting)

Download the School Tours Flyer

Tours are free and Transportation subsidies are available.

Tours can be scheduled weekdays between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm from mid-Sept to mid-Dec and mid-Jan to June.

Groups that bring packed lunches can use our picnic area in good weather or shelter in the historic Drive Shed.

To book a School Tour, please contact us at 705-435-0111 or  email

Curriculum Connections (grades 4 to 12)

The program is designed to complement expected curriculum outcomes. Content emphasis is varied to be age-appropriate and to accommodate different subject matter needs, e.g.,

* how lessons of the past can influence future
capability (science, history, heritage)

* how a Canadian medical team contributed to
worldwide medical expertise, and a sustained result
that has saved millions of lives (science, health,
history, Canadian identity, citizenship)

* challenges of moving discoveries into practice
(science, economics)

* the importance of individual responsibility in
enhancing personal health (nutrition, health)

* how to reduce risk/delay the onset of Type 2
diabetes. (health, active living, phys ed)

* the impact of diabetes on families and the
economy (citizenship, culture and caring)

A Typical Tour

Upon arrival, students participate in 15-20 minutes of age-appropriate exercise, emphasizing the importance of daily physical activity to reduce the risk of Type-2 Diabetes. The Banting Legacy Trail has been added to the site and is used as part of the exercise segment. In coming months, exercise equipment will also be added to the Trail.

Students then listen to a 30-40 minute multi-media tutorial that includes topics about Sir Frederick Banting, Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes, The Discovery of Insulin, and Type-2 Diabetes Prevention Tips along with modules related to the specific class. After the Tutorial and a short break, students are divided into teams for a Scavenger Hunt through the Exhibits to find answers to questions provided. A question and answer period follows while Team results are marked. Winning team members receive a modest prize and all students receive a take-away information package.

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