Programs – Priorities

Our primary focus is on diabetes prevention and diabetes self-management through education, advocacy, process innovation and sustained support with an emphasis on youth.

Reducing the risks of youth-onset type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related complications in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes; helping to mitigate the in-school challenges faced by youth living with diabetes; and their often daunting ‘transition’ from pediatric to adult healthcare are key priorities.

The restoration and enhancement of the Banting Homestead Heritage Park (BHHP) and the creation and delivery of programs continue to recognize and honour the Banting Legacy.

Programs – Delivery

SFBLF education programs and research insights are delivered through:

Instructor led tours at our Diabetes Management & Education Centre at the Birthplace of Frederick Banting

Online, interactive Webinars and self-paced e-learning courses and support tools

Special symposia and recognition events

Selective, proactive advocacy directed at key influencers and decision-makers in school systems, healthcare, diabetes research organizations, universities, colleges, government ministries and agencies at all levels nationally and internationally;

Off-site events and special print media publications and papers, written by Board members and published in 3rd party journals; and via SFBLF Newsletters.

Collaboration with partners, teachers, healthcare providers, employers, colleges and universities

SFBLF educational content is adjusted to be age-appropriate and with our site exhibits, complement expected outcomes of the Ontario school system for heritage, history, culture, health, science

Programs – Audiences

  • Youth who are ‘diabetes-free’ or living with diabetes
  • Youth living with diabetes
  • Adult ‘enablers’ (parents, teachers, healthcare providers, employers, municipalities)
  • All who wish to understand the discovery of  insulin, the discovery team and the history and heritage of Sir Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, war hero, artist, carver and Canada’s first Nobel Laureate.

Programs – Types

Instructor led

Interactive Webinars

School Tours

Group Tours

Summer Day Camp Field Trips

Diabetes Classes (Adults)

Intern Research



Legacy Trail – Exhibits & Gardens

Public Open Hours

Self-paced Online Courses and Tools

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Self-Assessment for Youth (8-18)

Understanding Diabetes e-Learning

Mental Health & Diabetes in Youth e-Learning

3D Virtual Tour of the BHHP

Food Security Survey for Youth

Selected Tutorials

Research – Diabetes Issues Papers

Diabetes self-management support links

Interactive Timelines

Annual Awards

Education Awards for Grade 12 students with diabetes

National Recognition Program for Schools

50+ years on Insulin