Our Programs


SFBLF Diabetes Program priorities are disease prevention and disease self-management through education, clinical innovation and provision of sustaining support with an emphasis on youth. A key aspect is a focus on the ‘transition’ challenges faced by youth living with diabetes as they migrate from the paediatric to adult healthcare system.

SFBLF ‘Legacy’ Programs honour Banting’s life and talents (e.g., artist, carver, war hero, medical scientist) through public access to informative exhibits assembled from the Banting Legacy Collection and augmented with loans and gifts from organizations, families and partners.

Program Launch Dates

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* Annual Banting Day/World Diabetes Day Celebration
(Launched ‘on site’ in 2010; expanded to Banting Legacy Week Nov 2014)


* Banting Legacy Collection Exhibits
* 50 plus Years on Insulin Award
* Annual Banting Legacy Transition Lecture series
* Annual Banting Legacy Transition Symposium


* Annual Banting Legacy Transition Grad/Post-Doc Award
* Diabetes Classes for Adults


* School Tours
* Group Tours
* General Public Access
* Annual Student Art Contest


* Annual Banting Legacy Scholarship (post-secondary)

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