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As a registered Canadian charitable organization, we depend on donations to pursue our goal of fighting diabetes and preserving a legacy.

The IDF 2015 World Diabetes Atlas reports there are over 415 million people living with diabetes in the world and an increasing number of those are adolescents and children. That number is growing and is predicted to reach over 500 million in just over a decade. Type 2 diabetes is now manifesting itself at ever-younger ages. Thanks to insulin and greatly improved approaches to care, hundreds of millions of lives have been saved and that reality continues.

Over 70% of Type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented, or at least the onset delayed, through healthy eating, modest daily exercise and not smoking. Raising awareness among children and youth and helping them to reduce their risks is an important part of what we do. We need your help to sustain our programs.

Your donation will help us realize the benefits of:

* Strengthened emphasis on diabetes prevention
* Enhanced scope and quality of diabetes-related education
* Increased focus on reducing risk for youth in transition
* Shorter paths to practical outcomes
* Improved futures for children and youth with diabetes
* Helping families to live with diabetes
* Sustaining and sharing a unique legacy through an inspirational public venue

If you would like to donate to the Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation, you can do so through the following options:

Send a cheque to:
Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation
PO Box 137
Alliston, ON L9R 1T9


Click on the following link and donate online through CanadaHelps:


CanadaHelps is an organization that facilitates online donations for registered Canadian charities.

Your Gift to SFBLF via CanadaHelps will result in a charitable tax receipt issued directly to you by CanadaHelps. In turn, the funds less a modest fee, will be transferred by CanadaHelps directly to our bank account electronically, usually within 10 business days.

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