FAQ Quiz

Just for fun, we wanted to present our frequently asked questions (and some that should be asked) as a quiz. Test your knowledge!

You will find a link to the Answers at the bottom of this page.

About Diabetes

1. Name 2 organs that can be affected if diabetes is not properly treated.

2. Name 2 positive actions one can take to reduce the risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes.

3. How many people in the world are living with diabetes in 2013?

4. Why might that number be ‘suspect’?

5. By what percentage does regular exercise reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes?

Sir Frederick Banting – History

6. In what year was Frederick Banting born?

7. How many siblings did Frederick Banting have?

8. In what year did Sir Frederick Banting die?

9. In what year was the existing historic Farmhouse constructed?

10. Who built this Farmhouse originally?

11. Name one fellow painter who travelled with Banting on his sketching tours.

12. Name the pilot of the Hudson bomber that crashed leading to Banting’s death.

About the Nobel Prize

13. In what year did Banting win the Nobel Prize?

14. How many Canadians had won a Nobel Prize as of December 2013?

15. Who was the most recent Canadian to win a Nobel Prize in 2013?

16. Name one winner of a Nobel Prize who was also a diabetic.

About the Discovery and Production of Insulin

17. At which University was insulin discovered?

18. What was the name of the dog that survived the longest ‘longevity test’?

19. In what year was insulin discovered?

20. Who was the first Canadian diabetic patient to receive an insulin injection?

21. What was Charles Best’s main academic field?

22. What organization was the world’s first producer of insulin?

23. What U.S. company played a crucial role in ensuring the mass production of insulin?

24. What was the retail price of 100 units of insulin in 1922?

25. How many of the 4 Medical Heroes graduated from the University of Toronto?

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