Your Donation Options

Help us realize the benefits of:
* Strengthened emphasis on diabetes prevention
* Enhanced scope and quality of diabetes-related education
* Increased focus on reducing risk for youth in transition
* Shorter paths to practical outcomes
* Improved futures for children and youth with diabetes
* Helping families to live with diabetes
* Sustaining and sharing a unique legacy through an inspirational public venue

Methods for donating

* Donations by cheque to the Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation and mailed along with any specific instructions for intended use of the funds to:

Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation
PO Box 137
Alliston, Ontario, L9R 1T9

* Donations by credit card can be made online via Canada Helps by clicking on the button below


* Gifts of publicly traded securities. For information on the process, please contact the Foundation

* Other Options
The Foundation welcomes gifts in the form of Workplace Matching Gift programs, Planned Giving through estates, donations through use of Insurance Policies, Endowed Gifts, and Monthly Donation programs. For more information and details about these options, please contact the Foundation

Receipts for tax purposes will be issued promptly.

Helping us to be flexible

Donors can provide the Foundation with the greatest flexibility to be responsive to existing and new priorities by making donations that are unrestricted or only broadly targeted. However, if you would like to direct your donation to a specific area or program, your contribution will be used to support the area or program of your choice.

Gifts to the Foundation can be made at any time during the year by mail or online as described above.

Special Recognition Gifts

A gift can be made in the name of someone special, in memory of a deceased friend or loved one and their family or to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any other special occasion. The Foundation will issue a notice to involved parties advising of such a gift if that is the wish of the donor.

Those named ‘In Memory’ are added to our plaque and listed in a subsequent Newsletter.

Such recognition could be achieved also through an investment in our ‘history’ related programs or through support for our current projects.

Ensuring effective use of your donation

The Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation is grateful for gifts of any amount in support of the Foundation’s objectives. The Foundation Board of Directors disperses donated funds in a timely manner consistent with program priorities, the specific wishes of donors, the Foundation’s available resources and the obligation of the Foundation to prudently manage the collective portfolio of funds available.

Whatever the option you choose, we are grateful for all donations and all the forms of support we receive.


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