SFBLF welcomes new partners interested in mutually beneficial collaboration and initiatives. To explore opportunities, please contact us info@bantinglegacy.ca

We are grateful for our friends

In addition to the support received from our Advisory Board of volunteer executives and community representatives and all our donors, we benefit from the experience, expert advice and ideas of our partners and helpers.

Rescuing, restoring and enhancing the historic Banting farmstead would have been more protracted and difficult without the creative and flexible support of our trades team, service providers and many community volunteers.

The evolution of our programs and educational content benefit from the ideas, professional advice and candid critique of our collaborative partners.

All strive to help us pursue our mission to Fight Diabetes and Preserve the Legacy of Sir Frederick Banting.

We are very grateful for the commitment exhibited by this dedicated group of friends.

The importance of collaboration

As a volunteer group, we rely on collaborative partners to help raise awareness and advance our capability. Each has different degrees of engagement depending on the context; e.g.,

  • Program delivery

    SFBLF Program Director

    Diabetes Outreach team

    * Stevenson Memorial Hospital

    * Southlake Regional Health Centre

    Annual Symposium

    * Regional DECs

    * Selected international speakers

    Site operations support

    * Parks Department, Town of New Tecumseth

    * Restoration trades team

    * Alliston Lions Club

    * Rotary Club of Alliston

    * Alliston Horticultural Society

    * Surelock Homes

    * Abell Pest Control


    Program content development/review

    * Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

    * Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa

    * BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver

    * Department of Paediatrics, McMaster Univ

    * Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, Toronto

    * Kovler Diabetes Centre, University of Chicago

    * Australian Diabetes Educators Association

    * Australian College of Mental Health Nurses

    * National Indigenous Australians Association

    * Regional Paediatric Diabetes Educ. Centres

    * Retina Risk Health Team (Iceland)

    * JDRF Canada

    * Pilot schools (teachers and students)

    * Historical societies

    Raising awareness

    * Banting & Best Diabetes Centre, U of T

    * Banting Research Foundation

    * Charles H. Best Foundation

    * Royal Canadian Institute for Science

    * Department of Communications,

    Faculty of Medicine, U of T

    * Provincial Council on Maternal &

    Child Health (PCMCH)

    * Diabetes Action Canada (Research Network)

    * International Diabetes Federation D-NET

    Exhibits and Creative

    * Insulin Archive – Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, U of T (Toronto)

    * Artforms Graphics (Leduc, Alta)

    * yCommunicate Inc. (Alliston)

    * Snack IS (Toronto)

    * PaperMoon Gallery (Alliston)

    * Red Oak Digital (Alliston)

    * Museum on the Boyne (Alliston)

    * Simcoe County Archives (Midhurst)

    * Sanofi Pasteur, Connaught Archive (Toronto)

    * New Tecumseth Public Library (Alliston)


SFBLF is especially grateful for the collaboration with the Banting Research Foundation, Charles H. Best Foundation and Royal Canadian Institute for Science to develop and implement a series of community-based events to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Insulin in 2021.


As a charitable organization, we rely not only on monetary donations, but also donations of time and expertise. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us: info@bantinglegacy.ca or 705-435-0111